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Gandalf Sonar

The Service
Periodic subscription service providing quantitative reports on various financial instruments. Our research and development team periodically generates a detailed report (over 140 pages for each instrument) to deeply explore the quantitative characteristics, nature of the instrument, and which strategies work on the instrument itself. This is achieved by applying a plethora of trading systems, akin to the acoustic waves of a Sonar, to scan the instrument’s impulsive response under various conditions. The report is updated periodically, allowing for an understanding of the developing dynamics in both intraday and multiday contexts.

The goal of the “Gandalf Sonar” is to provide a depth of analysis that is hardly comparable to other services, use the tables for detailed analysis (to produce articles or second-level reports), and obtain a project manual for speculative or hedging strategies that can evolve over time.

The report is organized into distinct sections as described below:

  • General Technical Sheet: Contains all information related to the characteristics of the financial instrument under examination and how to operate on it.
  • Market Insight: Analyzes the performance snapshot of the instrument in relation to the main market benchmarks, providing a detailed analysis of the correlation matrix, relative strength matrix, and memory effect (auto-correlation of returns).
  • Project Tables: Detailed tables on volume action (activity factor), intraday and multiday bias across different time horizons with sliding windows, seasonality with month-over-month comparisons to historical data, and much more.
  • Gandalf Sonar Cockpit: A summary section to quickly understand the trading techniques (both long and short) that are currently effective for the specific financial instrument.
  • Detailed Tables of Individual Strategies: Complete performance reports for each of the 36 identified strategies, with the main quantitative metrics and accompanying graphical tables.

Who the Service is For: Analysts, Financial Operators, Traders, and Investors: The service is geared towards both the retail and institutional markets. It can be customized to meet the needs of individual institutional clients.

Service Costs: Prices Available Soon.

To request further information or to subscribe to the service, you can contact us at

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Trading in financial markets is a risky activity that can result in substantial losses, including the entire invested capital. The client also declares to release Gandalf Project and its staff from any liability for any damages suffered by the client as a result of implementing what is indicated during the course or any other informational service produced by Gandalf Project.

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