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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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Head of Research & Development of Gandalf Project. A degree in Electronic Engineering, after several years of study in the field of technical analysis, he began operations in key international markets of stocks, futures, options and currencies. During this period he continued to attend numerous training courses to deepen his knowledge of statistics applied to prices and money management. His experience in the field of genetic algorithms and neural networks was used to create trading systems. He has many years of programming experience with several languages as C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python and on trading platforms such as Tradestation, Multicharts, Amibroker and Visual Trader. He has contributed to the drafting of the book "Visual Trader II: Implementing Winning Strategies" published by Trading Library. In 2009 he collaborated with Traderlink to the restyling of the trading system section of the software Visual Trader. In the 2011-2012 period he developed Gandalf, a data mining software for the determination of the statistical inefficiency of the historical prices of stocks, futures, currencies and ETFs. Its main activity is that of developer of trading systems, on which subject he teaches courses, coaching and counseling to individuals and companies. He is an associate in S.I.A.T. (the italian branch of I.F.T.A.), speaker in the Investment and Trading Forum (ITF from the first editions), TOL Expo of Borsa Italiana and Optionforum, cooperates in Educational projects with banks, brokers and IT Companies (Traderlink, Tradestation, BATS Europe). You can read his articles also in www.milanofinanza.it



A degree in Economics, after the attendance of a PHD in Business Administration decided to start a company in 2001 focussed on providing e-Business services. A Private Trader from 2002, mainly with Options, he covers a broad range of markets and instruments: stocks, index, futures, options, forex, commodities, combinaning tecniques and mostly with mechanical methodologies (trading systems). He is one of the most appreciated financial trainers in Italy: since 2006 he has been the trainer of some hundreds of seminars to teach his tecniques to both retail traders and Company (mainly Corporate Financial Risk Management and Hedging with derivatives). Head of Research in QTLab in Switzerland, author of "Trading Meccanico" (Hoepli) in 2015, he is a contributor of Milano Finanza newspaper, he is member of the scientific commitee  in S.I.A.T. (the italian branch of I.F.T.A.), founder of Optionforum, trainer in OnlineOptionsAcademy, speaker in the Investment and Trading Forum (ITF), Investing exhibition, and TOL Expo of Borsa Italiana; cooperates in Educational projects with banks and brokers.



Born in Turin on 09/25/1981, he approaches the world of financial trading since the early 2000s, alongside his grandfather in the management of family savings.
Being a careful analysis technical expert, from 2005 he began to specialize in graphic intraday trading, that becomes ,since 2007, his main business.
Always looking for new and reliable approaches to trading, from 2010, he focused on a mathematical-statistical analysis and he started to create intraday trading system on the main Equity, Currency and Treasury futures. Since 2011 his main trading business is based only on automated strategies.
In 2015 he participates in “Investment & Trading Cup” (ITCup), section Trading Systems: his trading systems win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, realizing a performance of more of 30% in three months.
In the same year he published his first book, "Men of Financial Trading” (Edoardo Varini Publishing, 2015), written together with Fabrizio Bocca, another pluriannual quantitative trader .
He is a usually speaker to the Investment and Trading Forum (Italian ITF) and to the TOL Expo of Italian Stock Exchange. He also cooperates in Educational projects with Italian banks and he teaches courses, coaching and counseling to individuals and companies. It is possible to read his articles on “Traders'” magazine and on the website www.fmtradingresearch.com, started with Fabrizio Bocca.



Sviluppatore di Trading System su commodity per Alternative Finance SA e Gandalf Store. Vanta una carriera da giocatore di golf professionista.
Nel 1999 si avvicina ai mercati finanziari e, dopo alcuni anni di approfondimento nel campo dell’analisi tecnica, inizia a operare sui principali mercati internazionali, principalmente sui future su commodity. Attratto da un approccio scientifico e rigoroso, sposa ben presto il mondo del trading meccanico, imparando a programmare su Tradestation grazie al lungo apprendistato con l‘ Ing. Giuseppe Belfiori a Milano. Influenzato principalmente da Larry Williams e da Jake Bernstein, inserisce stabilmente all’interno dello sviluppo dei propri trading system l’aspetto della stagionalità, dedicandosi al mondo delle commodity.
Nel 2009 collabora con FT Support scrivendo un report settimanale sul comparto dei cereali.
Dal 2013 è sviluppatore, per Alternative Finance SA, di trading system su materie prime e indici: S&P 500, Oro, Soia, Grano, T-Note, Petrolio, Rame, Gas naturale, Zucchero (Le performances dei sistemi, a disposizione sia di clienti istituzionali che privati, sono visibili su www.tradingmotion.com).
Dal 2016 collabora con il gruppo di ricerca G.A.N.D.A.L.F. ed è uno degli sviluppatori del Gandalf Store.


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