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Gandalf Oracles

The Service
You can benefit from multiple alternative data forecasters without the need to worry about collecting data, processing it, building and optimizing models, or constructing the final aggregator. Gandalf Oracles is a data service and not a trading or investing signal service. The data provided may be used to fuel advanced machine learning systems, to build trading systems or asset allocation models and falls into the category of “alternative data”.

Data Source
A matrix of data is generated from various databases, linking heterogeneous elements for each asset. The observation universe comprises the 100 American stocks with the highest weighting within the S&P 500 index. The data is appropriately processed to ensure consistency across different assets and time horizons. Some of the features are specific to each asset, while others are “contextual information”.

How Does The Algorithm Work
On a weekly basis, three different categories of models are aggregated:

  1. Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
  2. Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
  3. Evolutionary Algorithms for Genetic Asset Management (GAM)

Each triplet of algorithms collaborates to generate a high-level classification model tasked with providing a probability associated with the following 5 classes:

  • Class 0: Strongly bearish classification for the following time period
  • Class 1: Bearish classification for the following time period
  • Class 2: Neutral classification for the following time period
  • Class 3: Bullish classification for the following time period
  • Class 4: Strongly bullish classification for the following time period

The “strength” field measures the probability associated with the class that received the most votes and indicates the strength of the indication provided by the “oracle”. In the example below, both NVDA and NKE are associated with class 4, but NVDA has been voted with a probability of 31.5% (compared to a probability of 30.48% for NKE).

  1. Algoritmi di Machine Learning Supervisionati
  2. Algoritmi di Reinforcement Learning
  3. Algoritmi Evolutivi per la Genetic Asset Management (GAM)

How to Use the Data Provided with the Service
Based on the provided data, it is possible to perform the following operations:

– Generate endless operational strategies for asset allocation (balanced directional, unbalanced directional, market-neutral, etc.) based on your risk tolerance (Gandalf Project is not responsible for what can be constructed from the provided data).

– Utilize each column as an additional feature to enrich your working database. This approach allows you to enhance the accuracy of your models (once again, Gandalf Project cannot be held responsible for what each user may produce using the data provided within the service).

Why to Buy The Service
Let us handle the challenging tasks, save time and electricity, and relish the outcomes. This is a viable alternative to purchasing datasets from third parties, forming an in-house team of data scientists, and optimizing the entire process.

How Does The Service Work
Every week, on Saturday, a new matrix of 100 rows and 8 columns is released on a private page, for use in your own models or forecasting. The data is provided in a raw format for easy loading and use.

Costs of Basic Service (Promotional Launch Offer)
Option 1: €49 per month (with a minimum commitment period of 3 months).
Option 2: €490 per year.

Il servizio sarà disponibile nell’autunno 2023.

The service will be available in Autumn 2023.

For further information or subscription, feel free to contact us at

This is a data service and not a trading or investing signal service. The data provided may be used to fuel advanced machine learning systems and falls into the category of ‘alternative data.’

Any information published on this website should never be construed as a solicitation for public savings. The content provided is purely educational, and any investment or trading decisions made by the participant, even based on the information published below, are the participant’s full responsibility. Gandalf Project, or its personnel, can never be held responsible for losses or damages incurred as a result of such decisions.

Trading in financial markets is a risky activity that can lead to substantial losses, including the entire invested capital. The customer also declares to release Gandalf Project and its personnel from any liability for any damages that the customer may have suffered by implementing what was indicated during the course or any other informational service produced by Gandalf Project.

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Questo è un servizio dati e non un servizio di segnali di trading o di investimento. I dati forniti possono essere utilizzati per alimentare sistemi avanzati di apprendimento automatico e rientrano nella categoria dei ‘dati alternativi’. 

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